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NFT Artist

I'm an NFT photo-manipulation artist who works primarily with digital art. I live in the United States with my husband and our two dogs. I have created art all my life. I began finger painting when I was a baby and later discovered digital artwork. My transition to digital art began when my grandfather, a computer engineer, introduced me to computers at the age of six.

Most of my works tell the story of my abusive past and how I am recovering with art. A lot of these pieces are emotional, dark and surreal. I also like to dabble in creating fantasy worlds and science fiction pieces.


I have had over 300 NFT sales in my first year as an NFT Artist. I have been showcased all over the world and been interviewed by large named business's in the crypto industry. My art has even been shown on CNN. Feel free to check out my GALLERY to see what I have available.

I hope you enjoy my works and continue this journey with me as I heal with art!

Find Me

Want to find my art on live galleries? Click on the links below

Please also note I have recent works on my gallery page

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